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Cyber security solutions in Dubai, UAE

Harboring our intelligence for security needs
FORCESPOT, through our niche technology vendors, has created insightful intelligence solutions that carefully address our clients’ Cybersecurity fortification needs. We assist clients in identifying vulnerabilities within their current deployments and ensure that they plug gaps through the diligent deployment of our solutions. The constant threats evolving through highly sophisticated attacks now necessitate ensuring that these are prevented and subverted at all times. fake rolex datejust
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Critical Infrastructure Protection Solutions

Files and devices outside the OT/IT infrastructure domain are a subjective threat to the entire system.

Passwordless Authentication Solutions

Passwords are the weakest link for security as they are vulnerable to attacks and easily phishable. The motive to eliminate password authentication are endless compelling and all too familiar to IT Organizations.

Healthcare Security & Clinical Analysis

The Healthcare industry now demands compliance and other regulatory standards, which is why Medical Device Security is gaining credible interest.

Proactive Server/End Point Protection

Protection against fileless, zero-day ransomware, memory-based, and other advanced attacks on the server and the endpoints.

Privilege Access Management

These have heavily focused on high-value assets, thus leaving standard endpoints exposed to unauthorized privilege escalations.

Cyber Security Monitoring & Analytics

Cloud computing and modern app architectures are rich in data especially if it is used for differentiated customer experience.