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Critical Infrastructure Protection Solutions

Files and devices outside the OT/IT infrastructure domain are a subjective threat to the entire system. Removable devices and media, including transient peripherals, present a risk since they may contain infected files, malware in hidden partitions, and corrupted hardware and firmware.

Business Leaders and Stakeholders often require access to this crucial data. However, the infiltration of malware and viruses breaks network segmentation and air gaps, exposing the OT/ICS environments to vulnerabilities, and the files and other essential data get compromised.

Hence, Critical Infrastructure Protection Solutions supports a zero-trust philosophy and is powered by a comprehensive, modular suite of products to address a wide range of cybersecurity use cases.

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Enterprise Cyber Security – Data traveling into Enterprise through network entry points, including devices, downloads, and attachments, are checked for threats and security breaches.
Industrial Cyber Security – Controlling attacks’ frequency and strength due to increased demands for connectivity on the Industrial Control Infrastructure. Transferring files is an eminent factor that ensures unidirectional data transfers and safe media usage.
In the Industrial Cyber-attack, the clarity between information technology (IT), operational technology (OT), and Industrial Control System (ICS) networks become blurred due to increased demand for connectivity. This combination of these exposes OT and ICS assets to cyberattacks, which can circulate from the IT domain into operational environments.